Online Bakra Makhi Cheena in Lahore

We provide Online Bakra Makhi Cheena in Lahore Pakistan. The Makhi Cheena Bakra is one of the premium breeds of Goats in Pakistan known for its beauty and build. Makhi Cheena meat is also very healthy to eat and is full of nutrients. We sell Makhi Cheena in all sizes

According to research data Pakistan has nearly 50 million goatsGoats are kept at homes and farms for milk and meat production and this section of economy contribute significantly to the income of the rural farmers and individuals. Dairy goats are commonly kept by the farmers belonging to the poor socio-economic class of the society, most of which are landless.

Online Qurbahi in Lahore, buy Makhi Cheena Bakra in all sizes in Lahore. In Lahore Goats sacrifice is preferably in Sunnat-e-Ibrahimi at Eid ul azha and one bakra is for one eligible person only, there cannot be shares in Bakra Qurbani.

Makhi Cheena for Qurbani is available in all sizes in Lahore Pakistan, you can order online to buy animals for Qurbani/ Eid Al Adha.

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