Online Qurbani Services

Online Qurbani Services

Qurbani Market is providing Ijtamai Qurbani this Eid-ul-Adha. We have some of the best breeds from around the World. Our Ijtamai Qurbani Service will deliver meat to the most underprivileged and deserving communities.

Other than this this year COVID-19 pandemic has hit country badly and there are numbers of people who are jobless and needy. This is your chance to help them, play your part for the well being of your people to the most underprivileged and deserving communities.

Covid-19 pandemic this year has severely affected the livelihoods of thousands of families in disadvantaged areas. We are working with a number of local social welfare organisation to maintain a database of widows, divorcees, orphans, daily wage earners, families living on rent and families of more than five with a single wage earner.

Your Qurbani this year can be a source of nutritious meat for these communities. Help us, Help them! ORDER NOW!

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